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Biden’s Climate Plan

As #Biden referenced in last weeks #Presidentialdebate, at least the parts you could hear. I was interested to hear the statement made regarding focus on buildings within #BidensClimatePlan. Such as building infrastructure for a green future, upgrading millions of buildings to be more energy efficient, constructing 1.5 million new sustainable housing units.

While not surprisingly the specific details are limited, the plan seems to hit on the major elements regarding needed improvements to the building stock such as building envelope, lighting, HVAC etc. There is also a mention of changes to building standards, plus a new standard for utilities and grid operators to drive efficiency, titled Energy Efficiency and Clean Electricity Standard (EECES). The aspects missing are items such as flexibility and integration to the grid.

Will be interesting to see if this topic comes up in the Vice Presidents debate tonight.

Depending on how the election goes I look forward to hearing more about this deal and where it goes.

The article below also provides a nice summary.

David Lovelady

Founder of LovEnergy

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