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How Utilities Can Use Building Data

As buildings and demand control in general is taking an increasingly bigger role in the nations clean energy future. For example see the recent article below regarding the increased use of demand response in California to prevent or reduce future blackouts.

Identifying demand response solutions for a given building can be quite a challenge. With considerations from smart thermostats through to energy storage. Demand response solutions are sometimes identified by building owners or the utility or through aggregators. Regardless of the identifying entity, good data is key.

A recent article below offers a window into the opportunities for utilities

As utilities deploy AMI or make improvements to existing AMI. Load disaggregation where the latest generation of smart meters can detect and separate out different load and even behind the meter DER technologies by reading and learning signature consumption patterns. These disaggregations can provide a wealth of information to both customers and utilities and help identify demand response opportunities.

David Lovelady

Founder of LovEnergy

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