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Ice Thermal Storage

Since first hearing about the ICE Energy company ( at a D-tech conference many years ago and even presented it during smart grid training class. I’ve been interested in this technology and it’s simplicity to add an ice storage unit to an existing HVAC system by just replacing the chiller unit. The air circulation system and ducting all remain as is.

This technology has the ability to charge (generate ice) during periods of cheap electricity and discharge (consume ice to provide cooling) provide a cool (pardon the pun) flexible load technology.

After reading an article ( from earlier this year it sounds like the ICE Energy company has unfortunately filed for bankruptcy. Interestingly the article pontificates that customer aquisitiion was likely a key challenge. The LovEnergy website building optimization software tools aim to help with this issue and is developing the ability to easily simulate thermal storage and produce a financial pro-forma with

We hope someone acquires the ICE Energy company and continues to promote this cool technology.

David Lovelady

Founder of LovEnergy

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