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Thermal Ice Storage & COVID-19

If you have read my prior blog post on #ThermalIcestorage ( you'll see I’m a fan of the technology.

With #COVID-19 and sciences latest understanding of how it’s spread mostly through air particles rather than surfaces many businesses and buildings are actively making modifications to the ventilation system to help reduce the risk.

Reviewing the #ASHRAE guidelines ( the improvements include changing filters, Modifying air intake to increase outside air brought inside the building vs high levels of air circulation and installation of ultra violet lights in air handler etc.

A potential idea here is while your there making these changes to your HVAC why not at the same time consider installing a thermal ice storage unit to replace your chiller unit?

As described in my prior post on this technology, seeing the conpany #ICEENERGY is currently for sale it might be a good business opportunity to acquire them and offer a thermal ice storage solution plus COVID-19 retrofits at the same time.

David Lovelady

Founder of LovEnergy

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