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True Valuation of Building DER

Many buiding energy plans miss the full value potential of building #DER (#energyefficiency, #demandresponse, #distributedgeneration, #energystorage). The most common approach to developing building energy plans is focused on energy efficiency only. This misses out value provided from generation sources, participation in utility retail and ISO wholesale programs such as demand response. The latter of which are evolving fast and offering increasing payments in return for performance, see recent article regarding evaluation of flexible load in California .

Also incentives for technologies such as energy storage and solar are often missed. The potential for building #DER to mitigate utility outages is also under looked and can monetized based on lost business revenue and other cost impacts. See article from ASCO

It’s important to look at all the options available to generate a comprehensive plan. This requires detailed and comprehensive simulation, modeling and mathematical optimization techniques that consider and weigh up all the latest and evolving variables. This solution is being developed by LovEnergy.

By David Lovelady Founder of LovEnergy.

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